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Explore the Benefits of a PR News Journal Partnership!

More than 30,000 organizations use PR News Journal.

PR News Journal is the first ranked public relations company in Asia and one of the most prominent public relations companies in the world. Our endeavor is to give new heights to the largest and most small companies, organizations, organizations around the world through public relations. Through our PR News General Company press release, your business gets a new height. Through our company you can get benefits like brand building, link building, website traffic increment, domain authority increment, business optimization. Whether you are looking to create an additional revenue stream from your Web site or seeking opportunities to improve your service offerings to your customers, partnering with PR News Journal will bring value to your organization and theirs. Associations, marketing and SEO firms, Web solution companies and trade show/event organizers are just a few of the entities that have benefited from a partnership with PR News Journal. Partnership options include, but are not limited to:

Reseller Partners

Enhance your service offerings by integrating PR News Journal solutions, from news distribution to media monitoring and measurement, into your own proprietary offerings, or, provide PR News Journal services to your customers as a stand-alone. As a reseller partner, you take a “hands on” approach with your customers and facilitate order fulfillment on behalf of your clients. You can also publish your press release on our Trusted website by becoming a reseller partner with us. For which you can easily advance your own business by purchasing the reseller plan of PR News Journal. We also provide customer service on our behalf for any kind of support related to our reseller.

Referral Partners

Create an additional revenue stream from your Web site with little work on your part. As a referral partner, you can add a variety of PR News Journal supported resources to your Web site with minimal technical integration. Easily incorporate co-branded and gray label web platforms into your Web site and receive a revenue share based on the service purchased as a result of a referral. 

Web Services Partners

As a Web solutions partner, you can sell a variety of PR Newswire’s  Web services, from an online press release distribution platform to Web site content management tools. PR News Journal provides co-branded or gray-labeled solutions that seamlessly integrate into your customer Web sites.

Tradeshow & Event Management Partners

Bundle PR News Journal’s services into your exhibitor packages and give exhibitors the opportunity to make more out of their event participation. As a trade show and event management partner, you can offer distribution and targeting services, among others, to foster awareness of an event, drive higher attendance and generate greater buzz.

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