How it Works

Increase your brand’s digital footprint with PR News Journal

More than 30,000 organizations use PR News Journal.

The PR News Journal publishes a complete press release related to your company, product, service, meeting, event, funding, investor, IPO, etc. and publicly tracks its response. Which gives your company and product a push for the brand. Which proves to be very helpful in brand building. You will see that many big companies around the world publish press releases which help their brand building like a big pillar. Because through this, the relation of you public would help a lot in keeping the company connected.

Create a Story

By joining with us, our company creates a good quality story of your company, organization which is published after your company is certified.

Share the News​

all types of press releases related to your company related products, service, meeting, events etc. are published on our Global website and Partners website.

Measure the Performance​

Analyzes ROI, business optimization, calculation of sales increments, etc. on all types of press releases of your company.